Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Weekend Fun

I've been wanting to post a little peek into a Saturday in the Staten home. So here it goes.

This past Saturday Liam woke us up at about 7:15. He's definitely a morning person and smiles, laughs, talks, kicks, and plays all morning. We got ready and headed out as a family to pick up an ExerSaucer for him. Oh my goodness, he loves it! He sits in it and plays with one toy at a time, moving in a circle and making sure to put every toy in his mouth before moving on to the next. It is so stinking cute.

We then went wandering through the Halloween store, but nothing caught our attention. We headed to West Ashley to go to the grand opening of The Teeny Turtle! Beth is so sweet and has finally opened her brick and mortar cloth diaper store. We got a couple of things including a Baltic Amber teething necklace. It looks so cute on him and I am really optimistic about it helping him!

Next on our agenda was a play date with our friends Miranda and Joel. Joel is just about 2 months older than Liam and they are so fun to watch. They still aren't interested in playing together, but they are becoming much more aware of each other and it's so sweet.

Poor Boogie Man was so tired after his playdate and took a little snooze on his mommy. :)

Liam has also figured out a new trick: eating his toes. The kid loves it. The second his diaper comes off the toes go into his mouth. It's really cute!

Yum, right?!?!?

Little Mister got a bath and lots of cuddles before bed:

So there you go, a day in the life as an update for all the family/friends that can't be here. :)