Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beach day

I took Liam to a playdate at the beach today. I slathered him with sunblock, dressed him in his {far too big} swimwear, loaded up the car with towels, diapers, floaties (that did not get used), and more sunblock, and headed out...30 minutes late. No worries, though, I was not the last one there! Just goes to show how difficult it is to get anywhere on time with an infant.

Liam and I spent the day with 7 other babies, 7 other mommies, and 1 daddy. We sat under an umbrella and touched the sand with our toes. We wandered out into the water, where I got to have grown up conversations while he slept on my shoulder. I guess the sound of the ocean relaxes him. :) After about 2 hours at the beach the whole group headed to lunch, where we waited an hour and a half to be seated...surprisingly enough, the babies were all so good! We both had a great time and enjoyed a long nap when we got home!

You guys, my baby is so big. Big enough to take to the beach. I think I might cry myself to sleep. I have such mixed emotions about it, though. Part of me is really looking forward to him growing up. He is so fun: smiley, aware, ready to be able to do big boy things. He wants to move. He wants to talk. He wants to be independent. However, he still wants to cuddle me when he's sleepy. He still holds my hand and lets me kiss his sweet face. I guess, the only thing that I can do is enjoy every single minute of time with him now, be intentional in our interactions and playtime, foster that independence that he so badly wants so that he will have confidence to go forward without me one day {sob!}, and love on him as much as he will possibly let me!

I'm completely exhausted after such a fun, sunshiny, day. Good night!

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